How can online games and self-instruction cartoons replace teachers?

This is a guest post by Celina Jones. Celina is a qualified journalist. She has used the Cartoon Network video website in order to gather information for this article. She is currently associated with Cartoon Network as their PRO.

Computer Games and Children DevelopmentYour children can’t have teachers with them all of the time. There are times whereby your kids will need to learn but they will not have a trained professional by their side. For example, your child needs to do their homework in the evenings and unless you are a teacher then they don’t have that type of help. Furthermore, when the usual teacher is absent then those filling in need to find different methods of learning that do not involve that spontaneous teaching edge. You need to find methods that can replace teachers and be educational and instructional at the same time. One method of doing this is through using Cartoon Network video games and self instruction cartoons. Read on to discover how this works.

 Games help children solve problems

Games are beneficial because they utilise the problem solving process. Children are given a problem and they need to come up with their own method in order to find the desired conclusion. This is highly advantageous when it comes to learning because it gets children in the right frame of mind. They develop their ability to use their own brain in order to utilise the process of trial and error and come up with a logical conclusion.

 Cartoons help with interaction

The self instruction cartoons available nowadays engage the audience. They ask children what they think would be the best option to go for. This engagement is important. It promotes interaction and engages children. You can find all of these cartoons via the likes of the Cartoon Network video website and therefore they are very easy to locate. You will find they don’t cost you any money either. This is usually one of main barriers and reasons why people do not use cartoons. However, with the progression in technology free cartoons have been made possible.

 Games help children with concentration and memorisation

Concentration and memorisation are two important skills when it comes to learning. If your children do not master these qualities then they will struggle throughout their academic life. Concentration and memorisation are not qualities that can be taught by teachers. And, therefore the need to ‘replace’ the teacher in this instance is evident. Instead the use of more unorthodox methods seems to be the best option, and online games provide a great solution. Children can enhance their level of concentration because focus is a key contributor in every game you find available today. Furthermore, there are lots of games that require the use of the memory. Children need to memorise where certain things are for example. In order to increase your memory capacity you simply need to keep on practising. Games allow children to do so from a young age, thus resulting in greater rewards.

 Cartoons help develop language skills

Cartoons help children to enhance their vocabulary and learn about the different pronunciations of words. This is imperative when it comes to the development of children. Cartoons provide one of the most effective ways of increasing language skills because children tend to learn better when they can hear the words. Furthermore, they also learn better when they can hear them naturally rather than constant repetition from the teacher.

The four points mentioned in this article showcase how you can use online video games and self instruction cartoons in order to take the role of teacher in your child’s education.